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About Us
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Welcome to  Interpreting Solutions, LLC,  providing professional interpreting services to the deaf and hard of hearing community in and around the KC metro area.   All Interpreters working for Interpreting Solutions, LLC must abide by the Interpreter's Code of Ethics that stresses confidentiality, impartiality and integrity.   For more about the staff, click on the "About Us" button on the left.

What is a Sign Language Interpreter?
Interpreters translate what is said verbally, matching the deaf person's mode of communication. In turn, the interpreter will translate into spoken English what the deaf person is signing. While some deaf or hard of hearing people are accomplished lip-readers, they often still require the services of an interpreter who complements the verbally delivered message with sign.

When is it appropriate to hire a sign language interpreter?
Whenever clear communication is required between Deaf and hearing people, Interpreters may be used.  Sometimes more than one interpreter is required, especially if an assignment is particularly long or the information contained is very detailed.  Some examples of when to hire an interpreter would include:

    Staff Meetings
    Job Training
    Religious Settings
    Educational Settings
    Social Service Appointments
    Job Interviews
    Medical/Dental Appointments, including Emergercies
    Counselling, including Mental Health
    Theatrical Performances
    Legal Appointments, including Court Room

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 recognizes that people who are deaf are entitled to enjoy equal access to information. This access is outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), effective January 26, 1992. Under Title III, Section 36.303, the ADA guarantees a deaf person's right to use a qualified interpreter (also defined as an auxiliary aid) or other accommodations to receive equal benefits.   To read more about the ADA, click the ADA link on the left.

Why is it Important to Hire a Qualified Interpreter?
While a person who 'knows sign language' can generally converse with deaf people, qualified interpreters can deliver the translation smoothly, accurately, and impartially, adjusting to specialized terminology. Interpreters will say everything that is signed, and sign everything that is spoken. They will not add to, edit, or censor the conversation.
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