Interpreter's Code of Ethics

1.  The interpreter/transliterator shall be dedicated to providing competent interpreting services in a manner befitting a professional. 

2.  The interpreter/transliterator uses discretion in accepting assignments based upon language competency with regard to the setting and/or consumers involved. 

3.  The interpreter/transliterator uses discretion in accepting assignements based upon the capacity to maintain impartiality with regard to the setting and/or consumers involved. 

4.  The interpreter/transliterator judiciously safeguards assignment-related information of a confidential nature. 

5.  The interpreter/transliterator shall provide information, when necessary, to the consumers involved as to the role and appropriate use of the interpreter/transliterator. 

6.  The interpreter/transliterator conveys the content and affect of the communication transmitted using the language most easily understood by the persons involved in the communication/transaction. 

7.  The interpreter/transliterator should not counsel nor interject personal opinion, but may exercise professional judgement in assessing whether or not communication is being understood and may also inform the consumers involved of available resources as appropriate. 

8.  The interpreter/transliterator should pursue further knowledge and maintain competency in interpreting/transliterating skills.

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